2009 All-Bullitt County Track and Field Championship Results

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By The Staff

2009 All-Bullitt County Track and Field Championship Results

(Scoring was done on a 5-3-2-1 basis in individual events and 5-3 in the relays. Only those athletes scoring points in each event are listed. No school could claim more than two spots in the top four finishers.)


Team Scores - Bullitt East 106; North Bullitt 44, Bullitt Central 13.

110-Meter High Hurdles: Jacob Duvall, BE, 17.32; Chris Pate, NB, 19.32.

100-Meter Dash: Bobby Harrison, BE, 10.99; Kodey Kearney, BE, 11.31; Cody Hodge, NB, 11.87; Nick Crisp, NB, 11.91.

1,600-Meter Run: Austin Markwell, BC, 5:15; Jeremy Kroger, NB, 5:33; Josh Ward, NB, 5:36; Eric Simon, BC, 5:45.

400-Meter Dash: Davide Fellini, BE, 54.84; Stefan Reynolds, BE, 55.88; Keith Miller, NB, 57.48; Derrick Jones, NB, 1:01.59.

300-Meter Hurdles: Jacob Duvall, BE, 44.74; Derrick Jones, NB, 46.30; Chris Pate, NB, 50:00.

800-Meter Run: Austin Markwell, BE, 2:19.09; Brandon Wiseheart, BE, 2:21.00; Josh Ward, NB, 2:33.69.

200-Meter Dash: Bobby Harrison, BE, 22.93; Adam Herth, BE, 24.02; Cody Hodge, NB, 24.56; Joseph Whitney, BC, 25.11.

3,200-Meter Run: Jeremy Kroger, NB, 11:58.44; Bradley Foster, BE, 12:13.01; Brandon Wiseheart, BE, 12:14.44; Josh Ward, NB, 13:22.67.

4 X 200-Meter Relay: Bullitt East (Adam Herth, Kodey Kearney, Garrett Foss, Bobby Harrison), 1:36.37; North Bullitt (Keith Miller, Derrick Jones, Nick Crisp, Cody Hodge), 1:38.62.

4 X 100-Meter Relay: Bullitt East (Adam Herth, Kodey Kearney, Garrett Foss, Bobby Harrison), 47:53; North Bullitt (Michael Powell, Aurelio Puga, Nick Crisp, Cody Hodge), 51.24.

4 X 400-Meter Relay: Bullitt East (Eddie Holcomb, Davide Fellini, Stefan Reynolds, Zac Stiles), 3:50.08; North Bullitt (Derrick Jones, Keith Miller, Nick Crisp, Aurelio Puga), 4:02.30.

4 X 800-Meter Relay: Bullitt East (Eddie Holcomb, Davide Fellini, Zac Stiles, Stefan Reynolds), 9:25.18.

Long Jump: Jeremaie Bennett, BC, 19-08.5; Grant Polson, BE, 18-06; Kodey Kearney, BE, 18-05.5; Joseph Whitney, BC, 16-01.25.

Triple Jump: Jeremaie Bennett, BC, 41-03; Grant Polson, BE, 38-07; Shane Milburn, BE, 36-02.

Shot Put: Michael Bozarth, BE, 42-02.5; Sean Fowler, BE, 37-00; Chase Freeman, NB, 28-09.00; John Gentry, NB, 27-08.5.

Discus: Michael Bozarth, BE, 125-03.00; Trevor Troutman, BE, 118-12.00; Greg Brown, NB, 109-10.00; John Gentry, NB, 69-11.5.

High Jump: Grant Polson, BE, 5-10; Shane Milburn, BE, 4-10.




Team Scores: North Bullitt 66, Bullitt East 66, Bullitt Central 26.

100-Meter Hurdles: Carmen McHargue, NB, 20.44; Charissa Murphy, BE, 21.13; Kelly Parker, BC, 22.94; Rachel Farber, BC, 24.29.

100-Meter Dash: Megan Roby, BE, 13.75; Alexa Hughes, NB, 13.94; Chelsey Smith, BE, 14.06; Destiny Tinnell, BC, 14.07.

1,600-Meter Run: Helen Heines, NB, 5:43; Jesse Hottois, BE, 6:09; Gentry Collins, NB, 6:23; Alexis Carey, BE, 6:24.

400-Meter Dash: Emily Melcher, BE, 1:05.68; Christy Asbury, NB, 1:09.85; Alexia Higginbotham, BE, 1:10.14; Alexa Hughes, NB, 1:10.21.

300-Meter Hurdles: Amanda Bruckschen, BC, 57.41; Carmen McHargue, NB, 1:00.53; Charissa Murphy, BE, 1:02.47.

800-Meter Run: Helen Heines, NB, 2:39.00; Gentry Collins, NB, 2:51.91; Alexis Carey, BE, 2:54.42; Emily Marksbury, BE, 2:56.93.

200-Meter Dash: Meri Brian, NB, 28.04; Chelsea Staples, BC, 28.07; Megan Roby, BE, 28.34; Emily Melcher, BE, 28.81.

3,200-Meter Run: Helen Heines, NB, 12:58.28; Jesse Hottois, BE, 13:37.00; Gentry Collins, NB, 15:38.00.

4 X 800-Meter Relay: Bullitt East (Alexis Carey, Katie McDonald, Ashley Duvall, Jessica Potts), 11:55.44; Bullitt Central (Morgan Hoover, Sam Fox, Kasey Dodson, Katie Miller), 14:17.33.

4 X 200-Meter Relay: North Bullitt (Cristy Asbury, Meri Brian, Madison Haycraft, Alexa Hughes), 1:59.16; Bullitt Central (Amanda Bruckschen, Shelby Miles, Devin Welch, Chelsea Staples), 2:05.19.

4 X 100-Meter Relay: Bullitt Central (Amanda Bruckschen, Chelsea Staples, Devin Welch, Destiny Tinnell), 57.24; Bullitt East (Chelsey Smith, Charissa Murphy, Emily Melcher, Megan Roby), 58.00.

4 X 400-Meter Relay: North Bullitt (Alexa Hughes, Cristy Asbury, Gentry Collins, Helen Heines), 4:47.00; Bullitt East (Ashley Duvall, Emily Melcher, Alexis Carey, Emily Marksbury), 4:52.00.

Long Jump: Meri Brian, NB, 14-09.5; Lynsey Milburn, BE, 14-00; Chelsea Hoke, NB, 13-02.00; Courtney Smith, BE, 11-04.00.

Triple Jump: Lynsey Milburn, BE, 30-11.5; Meri Brian, NB, 29-09.75; Destiny Tinnell, BC, 28-08.75; Chelsea Hoke, NB, 28-06.

Shot Put: Jackie Stevens, BE, 38-10.5; Lindey Young, BE, 31-08.5; Christina Dilley, NB, 27-10.5; Ashley Goeing, NB, 24-11.00.

Discus: Jackie Stevens, BE, 111-07.5; Christina Dilley, NB, 83-04.5; Ashley Goeing, NB, 80-03.5; Lindey Young, BE, 75-05.

High Jump: Lynsey Milburn, BE, 4-10; Chelsey Smith, BE, 4-08; Rachel Farber, BC, 4-08; Chelsea Staples, BC, 4-08.