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 At the most recent Pioneer Village City Meeting the Mayor of Fox Chase remarked about trouble that several people in the City of Fox chase had caused. The mayor was vague in his criticism of these unnamed residents of Fox Chase. This gave me some concern. When our mayor has criticisms of our residents it is important to me and others to understand the nature of those criticisms so that we may address any and all issues.

What is particularly concerning is that this nonspecific criticism was made at the city meeting for Pioneer Village, not at any recent meetings for Fox Chase. This strikes me as inappropriate and yet another example of poor judgment, poor leadership and poor taste by the mayor.

There is a forum for the mayor and citizens of Fox Chase to address concerns. This forum would be the city meeting for Fox Chase, not the meeting for the city of Pioneer Village (or any other city for that matter).

I approached the mayor Fox Chase following the meeting to get more specifics about his criticisms. It is important to me as a resident to address matters even when they are unfortunately aired in forums for another city. The mayor made it clear that he was not wiling to provide any specifics and instead he suggested that I “thing about it,” and I would know. Hardly a useful explanation or suggestion for addressing important matters.

I am hopeful that in our upcoming city meeting for Fox Chase scheduled in January 2014 the mayor will be more willing to be specific about these concerns that we may address them in the forum more appropriate to talk about matters of the city of Fox Chase. I will be there and interested as well as willing to engage in finding a resolution. I am glad that I can make the time to attend other city meetings as it has come clear that may be an unfortunate but necessary use of my time so I can hear what our mayor thinks about his city and its issues.

Sandy Higgins