All eligible must receive benefit of hazardous duty retirement

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By The Staff

    When you are young, the only thing that matters in the paycheck is the bottom line.

    As you get a little older, benefits such as insurance, retirement and savings means a little more.

    When the state of Kentucky began making local governments decide whether to place eligible employees in the hazardous duty retirement program, it gave officials options they really didn’t need to have.

    Probably the purpose was that local governmental matches on hazardous duty retirement is considerably more than normal retirement programs.

    The problem is that some governments may not act quickly to add new employees to the program and others, such as Bullitt County, has decided to do some departments and not others.

    We don’t believe clerical employees would be eligible for the hazardous duty retirement, which allows for a quickler term of employment before a person is eligible to retire.

    However, we’re not exactly sure why Bullitt Fiscal Court would place sheriff’s deputies under the program and not members of the detention center.

    Employees of both agencies face life-threatening risks every minute of every day. We really don’t understand the difference.

    But we are sure that the leaders of the county will make sure the right thing is done.

    We’ve seen the rift that can occur in city police departments, such as Mount Washington, when a municipality opted to not have new employees join that program. That decision was later reversed.

    It is a cost. But it is also an investment. To retain quality employees, you must offer comparable benefits. In the law enforcement and corrections field, hazardous duty retirement may be as important as the level of pay.

    We are sure that county and city officials will always make sure that all eligible employees are placed under such protection. In their roles of provide safety and security to our community, their lives could be taken in a matter of minutes.