All in the Family! Courtneys head NB hoops

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By Mike Farner

 HEBRON ESTATES - With the recent hiring of Brian Courtney as its new boys’ basketball coach, North Bullitt High School has created a unique situation with a husband/wife pair coaching its two high-profile basketball programs.

Brian Courtney is now the Eagle basketball head coach. Amber Courtney is preparing to start her third season as the Lady Eagles’ head coach.

While an exact number is hard to pin down, it is safe to say that North Bullitt is one of the few, if not the only, schools in the state to have a husband/wife team coaching its two basketball programs.

While having family members coaching different teams is unusual, it is not unheard of, even locally.

At Bullitt East, girls’ basketball head coach Chris Stallings is assisted by his sister, Christal Scott. At Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Bill Miller is the head baseball coach while his daughter, Megan, is the head softball coach.

In the past, present Bullitt East boys’ basketball coach Troy Barr was the boys’ tennis coach at the school while his wife, Crystal, coached the girls’ tennis team.

North Bullitt recently went through a major construction project, but there were no living quarters added.

This is probably not a short-term deal that will end when the couple starts a family. The Courtneys already have a family with daughters Miyah, age 3, and Maliah, who is a year old.

Brian joked recently that the couple often just make sure that all the doors to the gym are closed and they turn the big room into a playpen. There was a small area in the locker room set aside as a playpen in the past, but the girls have pretty much grown through that area. Two weeks ago, when Amber was conducting her Lady Eagle Basketball Camp and Brian was working as a summer school instructor, both of the girls were in the gym.

Talk about growing up around basketball. The Sports Editor (who never plans to retire) is looking forward to how heady and cerebral those two girls will be on the basketball floor starting in a few years.

Brian and Amber don’t just both coach basketball, they both also teach in the special education department at North Bullitt. They both attended Indiana University Southeast where both played basketball. That is where they met as Amber is a Bullitt Central graduate while Brian grew up in Webster County.

It also helps to have wonderful grandparents who understand the situation. Jerry Coy, Amber’s father, is well known in the area as he coached for many years in the Greater Bullitt County Youth Football League.

As Brian pointed out, the couple will be taking one car to work from their new home in Cox’s Creek. That means that they will stay through two practice sessions each day starting on Oct. 15.

Basketball really will be a family affair at North Bullitt this winter.