Allen wants county to move forward

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Election 2010

By The Staff

HILLVIEW - Dannye Allen gets tired of seeing the constant bickering that seems to occur among members of Bullitt Fiscal Court.

The emergency responder finally got tired of the situation and decided it was time to do something.

Allen is now running for the seat of magistrate in the Third District in the Democratic primary.

“I wanted to see some changes but they weren’t happening,” said Allen. “We’ve got to get along.”

Allen said a series of events, in addition to the constant arguing, led to his decision to run for his first political office.

The theft of over $400,000 through a cybercrime from the county’s payroll account was disturbing, said Allen. He attributed part of the problem to people not being able to get along.

He was also concerned about the swimming pools not opening on time last year.

As magistrate, he would like to look at some sharing of services between the county and cities. Allen wasn’t sure some savings could be realized if services like public works and parks and recreation weren’t combined between cities and the county.

He would also like to make sure the public safety is upgraded.

Allen, who is a long-time member of fire services currently on the Nichols Volunteer Fire Department, said he was pleased with recent upgrades for central dispatch and EMS.

He would like to look at possibly getting hazardous duty retirement for EMS employees as a why to help attract and to retain good workers.

The bottom line, said Allen, is that everyone must work together. He said employees must be part of the team and they must be encouraged to make suggestions, including cost-cutting ideas.

Allen, 52, said he could work with anyone elected and that is a must for the county to move forward.