Apathy or laziness? Which is really appropriate in local voting, filings

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By The Staff

    How important is the tea party movement in the United States?

    And how much impact will it make in Bullitt County elections?

    Maybe Bullitt County voters need a good dose of strong tea on election day.

    On two occasions, Bullitt Countians  have had an opportunity to place one of their own in the state senate. On both occasions, they did bring out a majority of votes for their native sons; however, the percentage of voting was so low, the local candidates could not overcome their opponents’ strong showings in Shelby and Spencer counties.

    As Monday morning quarterbacks, Bullitt Countians will sit back and cringe and cry about all the other people who didn’t vote.

    The Tea Party movement will prove interesting this fall. Will Bullitt County turn out with more than the normal percentage of high 20s or low 30s?

    Will there be a rush in the final few days and a large number of people show up to file for the available offices?

    Yes, the filing deadline is at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 10. But there are many local races which are not full yet.

    In Bullitt County, which is primarily a conservative community, many of the Tea Party talking points  hold true. In fact, throughout the country, many people can support the Tea Party initiatives.

    It will just be interesting whether Bullitt Countians will rise above the feeling of apathy or whether it will be a normal election on Nov. 2.