Are You Aware?

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 As a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Board member, I have attended Family Court on the docket where CASA advocates for children on cases involving dependency, abuse, and neglect.  This was a true eye opener for me.

More recently I attended the training sessions for the new CASA volunteers.  The origin of this idea was to bridge any disconnect between the Board of Directors and the volunteers that are out in the trenches of our community working for our children.  Even though I have been associated with CASA for two years now, I was once again reminded of the existing need and the dedication of the individuals in our community who give tirelessly of themselves to the children through CASA.    

ARE YOU AWARE?.....That we have 71 CASA volunteers, serving 143 children in the court system.  This is wonderful, but there are never enough CASA volunteers.  It is the job of the CASA staff, after being appointed by the judge, to assign volunteers to the more serious cases.  Our goal is to have a CASA for every child in need of one.

ARE YOU AWARE?.....On the Wednesday morning Family Court docket, the courthouse hallway and stairs are lined with families awaiting their turn before the judge.  On this day, our Family Court judge does not break for lunch.  I have asked her why, and she replied she just keeps going until all cases have been called.......Dedication!

ARE YOU AWARE?.....That CASA serves on dependency, neglect and abuse cases.  CASA is also appointed to educational neglect cases, where there are at times more underlying issues to complicate the situation for the child within the family unit.  These are cases you do not see on the 6 o’clock news.  

ARE YOU AWARE?.....That due to juvenile confidentiality laws we cannot publicize our worst nightmares or our wonderful stories of success.  They would truly bring you to tears!

AND FINALLY, ARE YOU AWARE?.....Kentucky is one of the few states nationwide that does not provide funding for CASA within the state budget.  Our program raises 100 percent of their own budget in sustaining the program through corporate/personal donations, grants and fundraisers.  

APRIL IS CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH.  Please be a part of helping CASA make a difference in the lives of our children.  These children are in our community, schools and churches.  It DOES affect YOU and YOUR family..........NOW you ARE AWARE


Jackie Griffith