Authors bring works to NBHS

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By Stephen Thomas

    HEBRON ESTATES - North Bullitt High School librarian Mary Parker is always looking for an idea to drum up reader interest.
    That’s why she took advantage of a school band concert to promote an author faire.
    Parker invited a list of local authors to participate at the event, held in conjunction with North Bullitt’s annual Christmas concert.
    According to Parker, some local authors are not able to participate in larger book fairs, or may not have the ways and means to participate.
    Killing two birds with one stone, Parker noted that Bullitt County currently does not have a book store and many of her students had never visited one.
    “A lot of students tell me they’ve never been there or to a library,” she said. “So I’m bringing it to them.”
    The authors set up tables in North Bullitt’s lobby, showing off their works and discussing all sorts of topics and issues with students and their families.
    With a school event scheduled, Parker estimated that 500 North Bullitt students were exposed to interaction with authors.
    Bethany Griffin-Faith is a published author as well as an English instructor at Bullitt East High School and a Bullitt Central graduate. Parker invited her to participate in the inaugural event.
    “Mary came to my (book) signing and has been super supportive,” she said. “I come and talk to her North Bullitt students once a year.”
    Parker invites guests to discuss more than just writing. Students learn the process of how a book is created and published.
    North Bullitt features a book club that meets each Thursday in the library at 6:50 a.m. Parker said an average of 30 students participate.
    A “Top 50 Readers” competition is also hosted by the library to further increase reading enthusiasm. Parker said last year’s top reader completed 330 books within the school year.
    As far as an authors’ fair, Parker is excited to help both students and authors. She hopes to establish an annual event, possible a few events each year.
    For more information contact Parker at the North Bullitt Library, 869-6209.
    Other participating authors included Victory Gentry, Diane McEnire, J.E. Thompson, James Markert, Jan Sullivan, Brad Parnell, Thomas Freese, Jayme Evans, Robert Hewett, Mary Drechsel, William Levy, Bill Parker and Bullitt County Public Library representative Ashley White, as well as Dave Mattingly from BlackWyrm Publishing.