Bacher figures out way to help clean up trash, earn Eagle Scout

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By Kayla Swanson

 HILLVIEW - Littering is a problem thatís all too common and 18-year-old North Bullitt High School graduate James Bacher saw a need to fix it.

“Every time I walked through my neighborhood or rode through the city, I would see trash on the ground,” he said.

Some people would make an effort to pick up trash, but Bacher said they would have to carry it home to dispose of it.

Bacher used what he saw as inspiration for his Eagle Scout project, creating and installing 27 trash cans throughout Hillview and Pioneer Village.

The project was approved in March 2011 and Bacher finished it in December 2012.

The most difficult part of the project, Bacher said, was finding materials to construct the trash cans.

“Every where I turned to get the materials, I was told, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t donate that, you’ll have to buy it,’” he said.

In order to get money to purchase the materials, Bacher said he wrote letters and met with people to get donations.

Troops 20 and 687 and their scoutmasters and the scoutmaster from Troop 47 helped Bacher with his project, he said.

Troop 687 scoutmaster Mike Logsdon said his troop got involved with Bacher's project because he likes to encourage his boys to help other scouts with their projects.

In turn, Logsdon said scouts from other troops will return the favor.

"It's a win-win situation," he said.

Bacher said he placed the trash cans near bus stops and sidewalks.

He gave the city an extra trash can in case one was damaged, Bacher said, but it has since been installed in front of the Hillview Community Center.

Mayor Jim Eadens said he was leery of the trash cans at first, but said they really look attractive.

"It's definitely a project thatís helpful, useful for the community," Eadens said.

The trash cans are being filled up, Eadens said, and are emptied once a week by the cityís Public Works employees.

A metal plate on the bottom of the trash cans releases the trash in a bag, Bacher said, and the metal plate also allows the trash cans to be easily cleaned.

After finishing the project, Bacher became an Eagle Scout in January 2013 and was recognized for his achievement on May 18.

"What an Eagle Scout means to me is Iím obligated to help somebody and not forget about that I'm prepared for any kind of disaster and I'll be able to help save people's lives," he said. "I'm not a first responder, but I can help."

Bacher is not the only Eagle Scout in his family. He said his uncles are Eagle Scouts and his dad was a Boy Scout.

Scouting has taught Bacher several things, including values, respect, honor and leadership, he said.

Leadership, Bacher said, is not being a follower, but a leader.

"Without leadership, the whole troop, scout pack would fall apart," he said. "Others wouldnít be taught without leadership and good character."