BBB Business Reviews Add Customer Reviews and Complaint Detail

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By Better Business Bureau

 The Better Business Bureau serving Louisville, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky has joined ten other Better Business Bureaus in a test that allows consumers to post customer reviews of businesses. 

In addition, the BBB will now publish the actual text of customer complaints and business responses as part of each business's BBB Business Review.  

"Customers want more information about businesses, and that's exactly what we'll give them," says Charlie Mattingly, President/CEO of the BBB serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky.

Customer reviews offer consumers a chance to post comments, positive or negative, that will aid others in the search for a business they can trust.

BBB customer reviews are part of the BBB's re-designed BBB Business Review. BBB Business Reviews are available for any business about which BBB receives inquiries from the public, whether or not the business is affiliated with the BBB or committed to BBB standards.

BBB research has shown that consumers want BBB Business Reviews to contain more information, including positive information about business and more details about customer complaints. BBB is also responding to the prevalence of customer reviews on the Internet, from Google and Yahoo pages to websites such as Angie’s List and Yelp. 

“BBB is satisfied that these reviews will help good businesses build customer confidence through positive customer feedback,” says Mattingly.  “But we'd be kidding ourselves to believe that all customer comments will be positive...or entirely fair. Good businesses can expect many positive reviews...and set themselves apart from the few ‘bad’ businesses that can be expected to collect more critical customer reviews.”

"The BBB is monitoring customer reviews, so the review does not post instantly," Mattingly adds. "The BBB reserves the right not to post reviews that are deemed 'over the edge' in accusations against a business, or that might appear to be seriously misleading to the public. But the overwhelming majority of reviews will be posted without editing within 24 hours of being submitted on the BBB website."

Customers who wish to post reviews may visit the company’s BBB Business Review at www.louisville.bbb.org and click on “Submit a Customer Review.” The submission form includes step-by-step instructions in creating the review. The customer review includes the written review of the business, a rating of the overall experience with the business in question, and asks the reviewer if he or she would recommend the business. Businesses are alerted by e-mail when a customer review is posted and have 24 hours to respond to negative customer reviews prior to the review being made visible in the company's BBB Business Review.