BBB Offers KY State Fair Tips

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By Better Business Bureau

Check out the Better Business Bureau at the 2010 KY State Fair! The BBB booth is located in Main Street KY in the South Wing of the KY Fair & Exposition Center.

As hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the fair over the next two weeks, the BBB wants to remind consumers to be cautious when dealing with some indoor exhibitors. New products on display meant to make life easier could be enticing to purchase, but consumers need to ask questions about the product, and the company selling it. BBB suggests asking the following questions:

*How long has the company been in business?

*Does the exhibitor have a telephone number and address where they can be reached should the product be defective?

*Is there a warranty or guarantee covering the product?

*How long is the product covered?

*If the product is defective, can the consumer get their money back or do they have to trade the damaged product for a new one?

Guarantees may give consumers a false sense of security, as a guarantee is often only as good as the company that stands behind the guarantee.

Before consumers buy, they should check the product itself. Consumers need to make certain the materials and construction are up to the actual product's reputation. Also check the packaging. Does the item inside of the packaging resemble what’s on the outside? The printing on the packaging or the actual construction for counterfeit products is often of poor quality and is a telltale sign the product contained is counterfeit. And remember, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Offers to win a free trip may also be on display at the fair, along with credit card companies trying to lure customers to sign up for free gifts and prizes. While the prize may be free, by giving the promoter your name, phone number and address, consumers could receive unwanted credit cards in the mail as well as unwanted phone calls from telemarketers to their home. Consumers need to be aware when they sign up to win a prize, and giving the promoter a phone number and address, they’re establishing a business relationship with the company promoting the prize. The business may then contact you regardless of no call list registration due to that relationship.

If you’d like more tips for consumers at the Kentucky State Fair, call Reanna Smith-Hamblin at the Better Business Bureau at 502-588-0043.