BBB Warns: Don't be Fooled by the Annual Minutes Letter

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By Better Business Bureau

 A company called Corporate Records Service is targeting small, local businesses. Your local BBB has taken several calls and emails from local companies that received a letter from the company.

"Important - Annual Minutes Requirement Statement" is posted on the front of the large envelope. Inside is a form titled "2013 Annual Minutes Form." It looks like an official government document and asks for $125 to complete the "Annual Minutes Requirement Form."

This mailing may look like an official government form - but it is NOT!  Here is a link to the document: www.nationalcorp.com/ncr/file/index?filename=2013FloridaAnnualMInutesScam.pdf

Corporations are required to keep minutes of their corporate meetings, but they don't have to pay someone to prepare your corporate minutes. The company may be trying to confuse businesses that have to file an Annual Report with the state into thinking they need to pay them to prepare their minutes.

If you received this mailing from Corporate Records Service, the best thing to do is to throw it in the trash.