Beautify Brooks exit

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 In regards to the article in The Pioneer News on March 31 about landscaping on exit 112 off I-65, I have a better idea. We need to get our Tourist and Convention Commission to bring their shovels to the interchange at the Brooks exit, 121.

The first exit coming into Bullitt County would be the first image that tourists and travelers would see while visiting our various restaurants and businesses. With shovels in hand, they could scoop up the mud and debris that gets churned onto the road by renegade out-of-town truck drivers when they park illegally on the sides of the road between a Pilot truck stop and an abandoned Valero gas station.

Maybe we could even get the Tourist and Convention Commission as well as Bernheim to donate trees and flowers to exit 121, beautifying the rest of Bullitt County. I’m sure that all Bullitt Countians would agree that we need beautification, but let’s start in the right places.

Oscar J. Geppert