Becoming independent

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 Some people have been wondering if I am going to run for election to political office in 2014.

Me too, frankly.

Only God knows what the future will hold, but I have finally decided to not run.

Additionally, my wife and I have changed our political affiliation to “Independent.”

That decision alone probably assures the end of any hope to serve in elected office.  But we agreed that we see so much negative, so much blind politics, from both major parties today that we really no longer wanted to be tied to either.

I don’t recommend this choice.  In Kentucky, voters registered as Independent (or anything other than the main-line parties) cannot vote in primaries, except for non partisan races such as Judge and some city offices.  And Independent candidates really don’t have much chance running in political races either, generally only becoming a spoiler for some other candidate.

I do not mean to offend my friends in either party.  I know good people in both who honestly try to do good.

And despite those who might think otherwise, I can only say that this is not part of some secret agenda or even meant as a political statement.

It is simply a matter of conscience.

I guess time will judge the wisdom of the decision.

David Strange