Belcher will run for 'new' 49th District House of Rep seat

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Election 2014

By Thomas Barr

 FOX CHASE – Before the ink was dry from Gov. Steve Beshear’s pen, Linda Belcher knew what her next professional journey would be.

Belcher was ready to return to the place she called home for four years.

The Fox Chase resident is ready to regain her seat as state representative of the 49th District.

And due to redistricting, which was approved by the General Assembly on Friday, Belcher will not have to face Russell Webber, who won their 2012 election battle.

Instead, Webber’s new territory will be the 26th District and Belcher will be located in a revamped 49th District.

“I had people talk to me about running for several offices,” said the retired educator. “But I can be more effective for the people of Bullitt County as state representative.”

The Democrat, who followed her late husband, Larry, in the House seat, said that she has been in contact with many people and still attended a lot of local meetings over the past 18 months.

Under the redistricting plan, her territory will be solely located within Bullitt County. The only difference this time is that she will be picking up some areas in Cedar Grove, Beech Grove and Lebanon Junction. Her district will also cover parts of Shepherdsville, Mount Washington and Zoneton.

“I got calls from all over the county before,” said Belcher. “So it won’t been much different.”

In looking at her options, Belcher said she really enjoyed being a part of something that can make a difference for people.

“It can really be a rewarding job,” said Belcher. “And I think we were able to get some things done for the people of Bullitt County.”

Throughout her career, Belcher said she has enjoyed looking at a problem and trying to find a solution. State government presents many of those opportunities.

Even after the loss to Webber, Belcher said she stayed involved in the community for a number of reasons, including the possibility of a return to public office.

“I think it is important for all citizens to be involved,” said Belcher. “We all need to be informed of what issues are going on in our community.”

She is very pleased that the strategic plan committee suggestions are being implemented in various fashions by the county.

“We’re seeing some results,” said Belcher.

The filing deadline for political races will not be until next January.