Bernheim, Louisville Water find way to reach goals of each entity

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Hiking and Biking at Bernheim

By Stephen Thomas

 CLERMONT - Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, along with the Louisville Water Company, showed that collaboration is still a good thing in Bullitt County.

Representatives from both agencies gathered for a public celebration commemorating improvements and expansion to Bernheim’s Bike Hike Trail.

The joint venture grew from the agencies working together to assist one another in completing pertinent tasks: LWC needed a new pumping station on Bernheim’s property, while Bernheim needed the trail upgraded.

As a result, LWC saved more than $100,000 extending a line on Bernheim property that will supply the northern Nelson County district. The company will also maintain easy access to the water main in lieu of any future construction updates.

Meanwhile, the Hike Bike Trail was extended from its initial starting point along Lotus Road, across from the Clermont Post Office, through to Highway 1604 (Lotus Lane).

The trail, now a four-mile stretch running primarily parallel to Highway 245, was upgraded with four new bridges added. Riders will no longer have to access the roadway to complete the trail.

“This is a win-win-win project,” said Bernheim executive director Mark Wourms. “The entire community benefits. It’s rare to work with a corporation that is as responsible as Louisville Water Company has been at this.”

Wourms mentioned that money was saved by both agencies, thanking LWC for assisting with trail upgrades.

“Because of the wonderful work done by the Louisville Water Company, along with the (Kentucky) Transportation Cabinet, we now have a more beautiful trail,” Wourms said.

LWC vice-president and chief engineer Jim Brammell said the corporation, now serving more than 850,000 customers, was now a bigger partner with other surrounding districts, making the like necessary along Hwy. 245.

“We needed an easement from Bernheim, so we contacted Bernheim,” Brammell said. “We could not have been embraces any more warmly when we learned we could collaborate on this bike trail.”

Bramell said LWC and Bernheim shared many similar interests, making opportunity for future community partnerships.

“We really hopethis is just the tip of the iceberg and we want tothank Wourms and his staff,” he said.

Wourms and Brammell were joined for a ribbon cutting by Rep. Linda Belcher, Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce executive director Freida Howe and representative from Jim Beam.

Community members were invited to walk the trail following the ceremony.