Better passing leads to better NB results

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Girls' Basketball

By Thomas Barr

 BUCKNER - Despite losing two of the three contests in the South Oldham Lady Dragons Hoop-Fest, North Bullitt coach Amber Courtney feels good about her team.

As the squad is traveling to Daytona Beach for a week of competition, Courtney thinks the tougher schedule this season will pay off in February.

One of the biggest improvements over the final two games of the tournament has been better passing.

In some of the recent games, Courtney said some of the players have tried to step up too much and pull the team through a slump.

“We’re learning,” said Courtney. “We’re starting to pass the ball a little better and we’re starting to play better as a team.”

For the first time in several years, Courtney said her Lady Eagles are having to adjust to getting out on top early as the favorite. Holding onto the lead has been an adventure at times.

“We working toward February,” said Courtney. “I’m pleased with where we’re at.”

In the tourney opener, North Bullitt fell behind the host team by 15 points in the first quarter.

South Oldham played very aggressively and North Bullitt didn’t respond early, said Courtney.  However, once the adjustments were made, she said they played even the rest of the way.

“I was pleased at how we settled down the rest of the game,” said Courtney.

In the Friday night contest against Jeffersontown, North Bullitt came out much better and the Lady Eagles jumped on top early.

“We passed the ball extremely well,” said Courtney, whose team is now 5-5. “We had 17 assists.”

In this game, Courtney said the Lady Eagles were excellent in working as a team.

“Individuals have been trying to do too much in the last few games,” said Courtney. “We settled down and looked for each other in that game.”

In the fifth-place game against Conner High School, the Lady Eagles ran into a sharp-shooting buzzsaw.

“The effort was there but that team didn’t miss,” said Courtney.

Coming into the tournament, Conner had won its first eight games of the season and Courtney could see why.

“They hit everything,” said Courtney, who pointed to the nine three-pointers hit by the opponent.

“We worked on our stuff,” said Courtney. “The way they were hitting tonight, they were going to be hard to beat on a good night from our girls.”


Saturday night

NORTH BULLITT (13-10-9-13) 45 - Savannah Morrison 18, Katie Downey 11, Rachel Badgett 8, Marie George 2, Reba Stice 2, Bre Stewart 2, Megan Goeing 1, Caitlin Montgomery 1

Conner (21-17-20-20) 78 - Scott 25, Hendricks 14, Maines 12, Dages 8, Fairchild 6, Pluto 5, Porter 4, Gambrel 2, Maney 2


Friday night

NORTH BULLITT (19-18-11-10) 58 - Savannah Morrison 15, Caitlin Montgomery 14, Reba Stice 8, Katie Downey 7, Kasey McCoy 4, Rachel Badgett 4, Erin Dolan 3, Maria George 3

Jeffersontown (7-18-8-9) 42 - Brown 14, White 13, Calderon 7, Martin 4, Ross 4


First Round Wednesday night

NORTH BULLITT (5-16-14-16) 51 - Katie Downey 22, Savannah Morrison 8, Maria George 8, Caitlin Montgomery 6, Kasey McCoy 5, Reba Stice 2

South Oldham (16-12-11-15) 54 - VanZant 16, Sedoris 15, Beaudrie 10, Jones 5, Mullins 3, Sanford 3, Taylor 2