For a better place to live, you must get involved in your community

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My Views by Thomas J. Barr, Publisher

 We have an opportunity today to bring The Pioneer News into the homes of each student in the Bullitt County Public School System.

We thank superintendent Keith Davis for that opportunity.

You will notice a larger than normal number of school-related stories and pictures.

With nearly two dozen public school facilities, the opportunity is endless when thinking about activities which are going on.

I thought I would take a little space today and talk about two things - the school system and The Pioneer News.

The field of education is changing daily. There is always the newest and greatest curriculum program out there.

When the only thing we tend to gauge educational progress on is test scores, the tendency would be to take a gamble on that newest and greatest thing shown at a conference.

Kentucky has always been at the wrong end of the spectrum in terms of education.

And, if you merely go by the test scores, Bullitt County has suffered over the years.

The question is probably whether you base your evaluation of educational excellence on test scores or whether there are other factors to consider.

Personally, I like to look at the bigger picture.

Youngsters today are much more intelligent than when I went to school 30 years ago.

The times are different. They have grown up on computers; my generation did not.

They understand how to use smart phones; I have a flip phone that is still too difficult to comprehend.

The only areas in which I might question a marked improvement falls into the areas of work ethic and problem-solving.

I’m really not sure the generation of today is ready to go out into the workplace and do just that - work.

The drama which tends to fill the classrooms of today seems to follow into the workplace of tomorrow.

It is different and probably, we, as parents, are partially to blame. We’ve wanted our kids to do better.

The kids have but now they want to have everything we had right out of school. That is probably the same concern my parents had when I graduated.

Figuring out solutions to problems on the fly is also a concern. Yes, they do many open-ended, no answer is a wrong answer, questions. They try to figure out ways to solve problems.

But that is not the real world.

In the big picture, the education system in Bullitt County is doing a phenomenal job.

Unfortunately, many, many people don’t know it.

They don’t become involved in their child’s school.

They don’t go on-line to check out their youngster’s grades.

And they don’t subscribe to the only source that will keep them up-to-date with what is happening in the school district.

I must say it is embarrassing to go through our subscriber list and see who is not reading the newspaper.

It is important on several fronts.

First, you have the chance to see your child in print - not by someone telling you that they saw your child in the paper.

The newspaper provides parents and grandparents the opportunity to cut the article out and put it on the refrigerator.

From honor roll to perfect attendance, from cheerleading to athletics, from the Birthday Club to Students of the Month, The Pioneer News is full of news and information.

This is where it gets a bit selfish.

Why should I subscribe to The Pioneer News?

First, it is full of news and information.

Do you know what your property tax will be when bills go out in a few days?

Do you know whether it is legal to purchase alcohol on Sundays?

Do you know who is running your governmental offices?

Did you know who ran for over 200 yards in Friday night’s football game?

Second, there are so many sales bargains in the paper each week. Besides the local stores, which need your support, there are national coupons. These are the same coupons which run in national newspapers.

Clip and save far more than you will ever pay in a subscription.

Third, it is supporting the entire community.

You’ve read about the fate of newspapers.

I continue to feel that community newspapers, such as The Pioneer News, will be here for years to come.

But we need your support. Under a new monthly automatic payment system, for less than $4 a month, you can get the whole package.

Delivered to your mailbox every Monday and Wednesday.

The entire staff busts their behinds every week to bring you news and information every Monday and Wednesday.

But we need your support.

We need you to be subscribers.

We need you to send us community events - such as church news, announcements and special occasions.

We need you to send us social items - such as weddings, births and anniversaries.

We need you to look through the paper and support the local businesses which support us but also support you.

Without the advertisers, your child or your grandchild might not have his or her name in the paper for making the honor roll. 

There might not be a paper someday around to accept and to publish such items.

Enjoy today’s special free edition.

Get involved in your school system. Get involved in your community. And get involved in your county newspaper.

Working together, we can make Bullitt County a very special place to work and to live.

Great things are happening in Bullitt County. You just have to take a few moments to sit down, relax and read about it.