The Bin Lauden Story

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 September 11, 2001


As the story Goes Bin Lauden was mean old sole. He kills people as I have been told. He is like a rat and lives in a cave a I hear he is not very brave. People are looking for him but he runs and hides. Some day he will be caught and will all of his money his soul cannot be bought. If you see him let someone know. Millions of dollars you can collect and that is not just a bet. Maybe the ground hog will see his shadow and a bomb will be caught up in the shadow and splatter his body all over town. So goodbye Bin Lauden where ever you are. I’ll see you in hell when time comes around but don’t wait too long as the fire is ready. “I know your nerves are not too steady.”



His Loss Cause


Here it is another day Bin Lauden was here but did not stay. He was mean and he was bad. He made a lot people mad. Now he is gone and we know he was wrong. Killing people was his specialty. Now he is where he ought to be. The devil will welcome him with open arms and this will be worse that “Dessert Storm.” Burn, burn, that’s the trick, let’s hope the devil makes it stick. Americans are free the people are strong what Bin Lauden did was wrong.

God Bless America.

Robert Huff