Bowman Valley relocation great project

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By Thomas Barr

 It is a neat project that the community should get behind.

A small group of individuals are looking to relocate the last African American schoolhouse in Bullitt County.

The Bowman Valley School would be moved next to the Woodsdale One-Room Schoolhouse.

The Woodsdale school is found between the Bullitt County Public School System headquarters and Roby Elementary.

While Woodsdale was relocated years ago and has undergone some renovation, the Bowman Valley school has grown into a state of disrepair and vandals have started to provide even more destruction.

Thanks to the Bullitt County History Museum, we have been able to provide a little information on the old school and its importance to the community.

Prior to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1954, segregation was the norm. In Bullitt County, true segregation went into effect in 1957.

We hope that some attention to the old school might spur interest in the community project.

Funds are needed to relocate the home and superintendent Keith Davis has volunteered students to assist with the renovation.

Locating next to the Woodsdale Schoolhouse would provide a great learning campus.

Perceptions of the county over race relations must be overcome. This project could play a major role in that change.