To break or not to break? That is a good question

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By Mike Farner

SHEPHERDSVILLE - There really was no right or wrong answer back last winter when area high school football coaches and athletic directors were putting together schedules for the next two years.

The big question mark was that the Kentucky High School Athletic Association was giving the teams an option of playing ten straight games after two scrimmages or playing ten games over 11 weeks with only one scrimmage.

After this week, pretty much every team in the state has played six games no matter what option they took. It seems about equally divided between the two options.

Locally, Bullitt East took the option of playing early and then having an 'open' date. That hole in the schedule was last Friday and it couldn't have come at a better time. The Chargers were pretty banged up and the extra week to heal up those wounds was greatly needed.

A year ago, when pretty much all teams had an 'open' date, Bullitt East came back must stronger and made that big post-season run. That might be asking a little much this season, but the Chargers did play better in the last outing against Eastern and could use that to springboard into some better performances down the stretch.

The best part of Bullitt East's break is that it came the week before the three consecutive district contests. Bullitt East head coach Doug Preston and his assistant coaches were able to spread out and see some of those upcoming foes last Friday.

Those schools in four-team districts will all pretty much play three straight district foes over the next three weeks and then close with a non-district contest.

For Bullitt Central and North Bullitt, those two teams played their normal two scrimmages and are now in the midst of ten straight games. That suits Cougar head coach Danny Leasor just fine. No coach in the area is bigger on sticking to a routine than Leasor and playing straight through the season works out just fine.

Fortunately, the Cougars have had very few injuries and seem to be getting better at the right time.

Being in a five-team district, Bullitt Central has already played two district games. Because of the odd-team out scenario each week, it takes five weeks to play all of those district games with one out week. The Cougars are 'out' this week, facing non-district foe Anderson County in the big battle of undefeated teams.

Of course, at this point, there is no right answer. Now if one of the local teams wins three or four games in the final month of the regular season you could say that their selection worked best. But it really just fits each team individually.