Bridge over river would be helpful

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 A bridge over the Salt River may come long before the widening of Highway 44.

That appears to be the trend if the new two-year road plan approved by the state House turns out to become reality.

The Pioneer News reported several months ago that members of the Bullitt County Economic Development Authority heard from representatives of U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie that widening of Highway 44 might be an impossibility.

The cost of the project, especially with the number of properties that would have to be purchased, is extremely high -- even in good economic times.

Their suggestion was to look at alternate routes to help relieve the congestion on Highway 44.

The addition of turn lanes at three intersections on Highway 44 remains in the plans. That would help immediately.

But another component is that studies conducted through KIPDA show alternate routes through the county may be more feasible.

In the latest plan that must be approved by the state Senate, one alternate route would be to build a road connecting Greenbriar Road to Bardstown Road.

Another would be to have a connector road between Highway 44 and Cedar Grove Road with a new bridge over Salt River.

Money for the design work has been placed in the plan.

Whether it will ever become reality is another matter.

The question now will be where should the road and bridge be constructed. Engineers will have fun making that call.

The moral of the story is that leaders at the local and state levels are looking outside the box.

Local representatives - Linda Belcher, David Floyd, Dwight Butler and Jeff Greer - should be commended for their work to help get so many Bullitt County projects (see story in Monday, March 19, issue) into the plan.

We hope state Sen. Paul Hornback and his colleagues will leave Bullitt County’s projects intact.

After seeing the redistricting improvements pulled our from under our feet, Bullitt County is due a good turn with the two-year road plan.