Bring back that old way to inform us of snow closings

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A little of this and that by Thomas J. Barr, publisher

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - A little bit of this and a little bit of that….

*I guess I’m getting old but I miss the way we used to notify the public about snow closings.

For many of us, listening to the school closing music on television was a fixture.

Now, the anchors will talk about Jefferson County schools and that’s about it. The rest of us will be directed to the bottom of the screen.

And, radio is totally different.

I remember listening to Wayne Perkey continue to read the school closing lists - over and over.

And I remember the accurate traffic reports on the road conditions.

Now, there is no real radio news. Ratings have changed all of that.

We get the words to “go to our website” if you want to know school closings. I guess those driving their vehicles probably know all about the closings before they leave the house.

But it was always good to hear it on the radio.

And we can’t even talk about traffic reports. The days of Dick Gilbert up in the chopper are gone. Too expensive and now there are scanners and on-ground reports.

We are not immune to it. We use our web page but that is because we can’t print a daily paper. We use the website to inform in the middle of our printing cycles.

We also use our Facebook page for that.

Going against my original thought, we want you to sign up for our e-mail blasts. Get the latest information, including local traffic alerts.

And our website is mobile. 

The one thing you want be able to get is that snow music.

*I was saddened to hear the death of Bill Murray.

Not the actor. The Shepherdsville resident who served for years on the city council and then on the ethics board.

Murray was one of those calm, thoughtful city officials. I was always confident that he would do the right thing - no matter who he made happy or who he may have disappointed.

A huge sports fan, Bill would be seen across the county at high school sporting events. Any time I was covering a Sweet 16 tournament for a local team, Bill Murray was there.

Murray and longtime friend Kenneth Smith would camp out on the back row of just about every city council meetings. Never saying a word. Just taking in the atmosphere.

He was always pleasant and always greeted you with a handshake. 

Bill will be missed in the community. He’s one of those guys on my list of people I’ve been blessed to meet during my 30 years on the job.

*It is great to see the earth work beginning on the extension of Preston Highway from the John Harper to near Ruhl Acres. And it is great that Flynn Brothers has the contract.

One thing I don’t understand is that when they redid Preston Highway’s overpass years ago, why didn’t they make it wide enough to accommodate four lanes.

In just eyeballing it, it looks close to being able to handle two more lanes. But I really don’t think there is enough space.

Just saying, don’t know why things are thought of at the time of construction. Oh, yes, I do. It’s money.

The same way when they do expensive borings under major roads, like the interstate. Wouldn’t it make sense to do some extra borings to handle utilities or to make them a little larger than needed.

*Woodstock Bourbon shot footage for a commercial over the past six months in Lebanon Junction.

That commercial is now available for public viewing. Go to YouTube and look for the Woodstock Bourbon - How We Roll.

In it you will see some familiar scenes from Lebanon Junction, as well as one of the police officers.

The Pioneer News did a story on the production.

*Someone had an insightful letter to the editor.

While we have heard plenty of arguments against the Affordable Health Care Act, where were our elected leaders over the past 20-25 years when the health care industry was becoming a problem.

Easy to criticize those who come up with ideas. Much more difficult to be the one to come up with the ideas.

Maybe all our elected officials should be problem solvers…not critics - no matter the party affiliation or no matter the level of government.

*That’s it. The picture says it all.

I have to go on a diet.

Having just got my driver’s license renewed and not having the ability to photoshop the picture, the jury has rendered its decision - lose weight.

Now this will take a lot of work. Eating habits must change. Eating one meal a day at 9 p.m. won’t work.

Starvation or wiring jaws might be the only answer.

Or just don’t look into the mirror and don’t get your driver’s license renewed any more.