Brooks students have artistic look to halls

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By Stephen Thomas

 BROOKS - Sandy Macy pleases local students in many colorful ways.


Macy serves Eastside Middle School as a special needs instructor, serving students with moderate to severe needs. She also teaches art based on her own individual skills.

"My art comes in very handy with my students," she said. "Especially for my non-verbal students."

Macy earned a Bachelor Degree in Art and a Masters Degree in teaching moderate to severe special needs from the University of Louisville.

Her latest artwork is now being shared with the students at Brooks Elementary. Brooks principal Cheri Lineweaver offered Macy a special invitation to share her skills at the new school facility on Brooks Hill Road.

Lineweaver offered Macy an opportunity to add artistic scenes to the walls of the new building's atrium area. Each wall depicts a scene from a different season that includes a white bronco, the Brooks mascot. 

Macy started with summer, showing the white bronco leading a charge of horses. The artwork also includes goldenrod flowers and coffee trees, both native to Kentucky.

"I put in what I saw as I drove around the state," Macy said. "I got ideas from a combination of stock photos online."

"The white bronco shows strength in all of the drawings, leading the pack and appearing at the center," Lineweaver said.

The autumn work shows the bronco among other horses, showing the equine friends enjoying a drink from a pond. Macy again uses native trees to depict many fall colors, along with a row of birch trees.

The winter scene shows the bronco sharing a special moment with another horse. They stand together in a serene snow-covered scene that includes a cardinal in an evergreen holly tree.

"It's the holiday season without too much emphasis on just Christmas," Macy said.

To begin the spring mural, Macy met with Brooks fifth-grade students to discuss her final plans.

"She's here to talk to students about beginning ideas and planning out the process," said Lineweaver. "She's asking students for their creative ideas."

Macy said the spring piece included a newborn foal with its mare, along with roses and red bud trees. She shared stock photos with students, asking their opinions on how the horses would appear on the wall.

Lineweaver said the new foal, a new white bronco, completed the seasonal cycle, with students ready to move ahead toward their next destinations.

The spring piece was completed in time for the first day of school. Lineweaver mentioned a special recognition ceremony may take place later in the school year.