Brown's Scout project adds color to MW Elem.

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By Mary Barczak

MOUNT WASHINGTON-- Trying to make the world a better place for all to live in is defintely a philosophy that resonates with 16 year–old Billy Brown.

He recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout (Troop 100) for a project he did last spring to spruce up Mount Washington Elementary School.

The principal, Terri Lewis, made suggestions on what he could help with and Brown chose to relandscape the flagpole as his project because he thought it cpuld be a new challenge.

“It was something new. I thought it would be interesing,” he said.

The junior at Bullitt East sent out letters to his friends and family asking them to donate to his project and was able to raise about $500.

Brown said he spent about four weeks planning the project and taking care of paperwork.

On April 13, they got to work.

Brown said they replaced mulch and older plants and flowers with new ones. As well as, resetting some of the old stone which had gotten buried over time.

Lewis was appreciative of his efforts.

“He did a really nice job, we get a lot of compliments on it,” she said.

The Mount Washington resident said he thinks volunteering is important because “the more people that pitch in and help out, the better it makes Mount Washington look.”

Brown, who has been in Boy Scouts since he was about 5 years old,  said he continues to be a part of it because he thinks it can help him in the future.

“You learn a lot of life skills from it—how to survive on your own and how to communicate,” he said.

Other assets he hopes to translate are his leadership skills.

“You learn how to cooperate with other people, how to work as a team and be successful,” he said.

After Brown graduates, he is hoping to major in business but still continue with scouting in some form such as being an aid to a Scout Leader.