Budget committee should continue its work year-round

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By The Staff

Bullitt Fiscal Court felt that the upcoming budget would be a difficult one due to the economic shortfalls in several revenue-generating areas.

While a committee worked on the budget last year, the process incorporated this time around was much better.

The meetings were planned in advance and members of the public were even invited to attend. Not only is this a better atmosphere, it is also the legal way to conduct committee meetings.

The county judge’s proposed budget was much closer to reality than in the past year. Her office staff was involved in the committee meetings.

Granted, the budget shortfall was aided by the windfall expected from the federal reimbursements from the ice storm and wind storm. But if those events didn’t happen in the previous fiscal year, there would have been less expenses and more carryover.

Having over $1 million in the county coffers when the clock struck midnight last night is great. With the cash flow of county government, it won’t mean that there still won’t be some very tight times between now and October when tax revenue rolls in.

The budget committee has some recommendations that still need to be followed through on in the new fiscal year.

And the work done by the budget committee was so productive it would be a great idea to continue meeting throughout the fiscal year.

Monthly meetings to look at the financial status of the county would be excellent. Magistrates get monthly reports from the treasurer but the committee could work to keep a better handle on how things are going.

In all, excellent work by the committee.