Budget worries must be talked about earlier in process

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 It is like studying for a final exam. You knew the date months ago when you received the syllabus from the teacher. 

Yet, you procrastinate.

Procrastination is pretty common. Writers do it all the time.

However, when you are an elected official who is in charge of the taxpayers’ purse strings, procrastination can be an ugly thing. 

More than anything, it can be very unpredictable.

In the past 30 years, we’ve been able to witness budgets being approved on the final days of the fiscal year and literally being driven to Frankfort to make the June 30 deadline.

During one particular year, we seem to recall at least a dozen versions of the county budget being considered before being approved.

Today, members of Bullitt Fiscal Court will meet. We don’t know if the magistrates will spring a number of changes on the county judge and her staff.

We don’t know if the proposed budget will be approved without any discussions or alterations.

We don’t know if the budget will reach a stalemate and the county will be living on its existing budget until a new one is passed.

The only discussion heard from magistrates since it was presented to them in late April was that department heads had better follow the budget  because the overspending was done.

In its current form, the county judge would appear to finally get positions filled for a finance officer and a land planner.

Employees would be receiving a 50-cent per hour pay hike.

But we really don’t know if that is how it is going to shake out.

We strongly urge a new way of getting budgets together. Some of the cities have tried the approach of having department supervisors come in and make a pitch for their particular budget.

Of course, in the city of Shepherdsville, all that got accomplished  was a tie vote in which the mayor had to cast the deciding vote.

It is dangerous in waiting until the end and then hoping that there is a resolution to the conflicts.

We’re just not real sure why the budget issues can’t be voted upon earlier in the month.