Bullitt County Derby: another banner year

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By Stephen Thomas

 It’s another off-track at newly-christened Hall of Famer Mike Farner Downs, home of the annual Bullitt County Derby.

Another solid crop of entries will be led by some big favorites, including Land Use Plan, represented by the Bullitt County Planning Commission. Land Use Plan is out of Concerned Community and Whatchagonnado.

Land Use Plan’s main competition is the Heritage Hill entry, Burning Bridges, out of Building Bridges and Let It Burn.

Another favorite making a late entry is Wally N. Shep, sponsored jointly by the city of Shepherdsville and Wal-Mart.

Shepherdsville’s solo entry is the controversial Competitive Wages, son of Minimum Wages and Keep Our Peeps. Competitive Wages saw a lot of money early on but has been challenged in recent months.

One of the hottest entries of late is Rekindled, sponsored by Southeast Bullitt Fire. Rekindled is the son of Burned Out and Court Jesting.

Bullitt Fiscal Court was too busy with budget talks this year to select an entry. That position was filled by the Bullitt County Conservation District and Soiled Budget, out of Dirty Job and Sharecropper.

The Bullitt County Public Schools always host a solid entry, this year bringing in Grading Scale, son of A Plus and Lower Level.

The City of Hillview brings a rare filly entry to the race, she’s out of Head Cheese and Twentyfourseven called Fulltime Mare.

Mount Washington turns its fortunes toward Abandoned Property, son of Nobodys Home and Blastfromthepast.

Bull Durham is a favorite representing the Lebanon Junction community, named for new school principal Patrick Durham. The colt is out of Bullpen and Wacky Tobacky.

The Knob Creek Gun Range will aim for the finish line with Shot On Television, son of Showing Bullitts and Reality.

Another west end entry and a sentimental favorite, Volunteer Service, is sponsored by Nichols Elementary in honor of Presidential Volunteer Service Award recipient Mary Ruth Hawkins.

Bullitt County Tourism is laying its hopes on Burb N. Whine, son of Suburban and Whiny Lady.

Former Bullitt County Derby winner Fort Knox has a sibling, Opportunity Knox, representing the Bullitt County Detention Center. The colt is out of Open Cage and Sleeping Guard.

This year’s field entries include: A Sewer Bet, by Bullitt County Sanitation; Biggest Loser, by the Bullitt County Health Department’s C.R.E.W. Program; Lil Green Thumb, a son of Kentucky Derby winner Lil E. Tee, by the Bullitt County 4-H; Love Smart by the Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency; Relay Racer, representing the Bullitt County Relay for Life; Silvery Mooney, by the Bullitt County Clerk’s Office.

They’re in the gate and Mike Farner is waiting with pistol in hand. Fortunately, he has bad aim, and they’re off and racing in the Bullitt County Derby!

Shot On Television cannonballs toward the lead, while Grading Scale looks good at first. Biggest Loser is off to a good start while Rekindled quickly spreads out.

At the first turn, Shot On Television takes a commanding lead and is fully exposed. Biggest Loser tries to stick with the plan, while Abandoned Property fills up the space behind the leaders.

Rekindled gets a little out of control, followed by Bull Durham, who is locking horns with Fulltime Mare.

From there Silvery Mooney runs by the light side of the leaders. Love Smart plans ahead for a happy future. Opportunity Knox waits for a prime moment to move.

Then there’s Volunteer Service running free, followed by A Sewer Bet, who is watching for potholes. Soiled Budget plots and plants along the rail. Wally N. Shep looks for more lanes and entrances.

From there Land Use Plan quarrels with Burning Bridges, while Competitive Wages receives static. Relay Racer is on a roller coaster path, Lil Green Thumb gives a thumbs up, then there’s Grading Scale, who so far gets a C minus. Burb N. Whine trails.

At the half-mile, it’s Shot On Television, the colt in :45, still running like a son of a gun. Bull Durham is seeing red and headed for the lead, shutting the door on Abandoned Property. Rekindled may be burning out. Volunteer Service continues to accumulate time.

Around the final turn and Shot On Television may be using up the last of its fifteen minutes of fame.

Abandoned Property is left for dead, with Fulltime Mare growing weary.

Opportunity Knox is waiting for the right moment. Competitive Wages budgets a go, while Silvery Mooney keeps a-shinin.

And down the stretch they come!

The new leader is Biggest Loser who has gained ground. Soiled Budget likes the dirt. Competitive Wages stays stubbornly, while Volunteer Service acts as a fine representative.

At the wire, it’s a photo between Competitive Wages and Volunteer Service. The track steward studies the photo, declaring Competitive Wages as the winner, though many refuse to believe it.

Competitive Wages is the official winner of the Bullitt County Derby, paying four percent across the board except for specialty bets.

Volunteer Service made Nichols proud. Soiled Budget, in third, waits to see its prices.

Biggest Loser was game but could only do so much. Opportunity Knox had a chance. Burning Bridges had nowhere to go.

Burb N. Whine had trouble following a straight path. Bull Durham was penned up, and Wally N. Shep did not have a convenient race.

A Sewer Bet lost its lid, while Love Smart broke up near the end. Relay Racer earned the respect of all the other participants.

Silvery Mooney did not play right outside of a 33 1/3 speed. Lil Green Thumb is in a drought. Abandoned Property vacated its chances.

Land Use Plan never gained enough momentum. Rekindled flamed out. Shot on Television was syndicated. Grading Scale needed to lower its standards.

Finishing last in this year’s field was Fulltime Mare, about 24/7 lengths back.