Bullitt County should be proud of 9-11 memorial

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By The Staff

 You probably didn’t see a clip on an evening newscast.

It didn’t make the national newswire.

But there is no doubt that Bullitt County did itself proud on Sunday afternoon.

There couldn’t have been a better organized, better executed 9-11 Remembrance than was conducted in downtown Shepherdsville.

Mother Nature did her part in providing a wonderful afternoon.

But a tip of the hat must go out to Paulita Keith, her husband, Scott Miller, and the rest of those who assisted in  preparing for the ceremony.

Seldom has Bullitt County put together such a wonderful observance or event. The early days of the Relay for Life was an event that drew everyone from every part of Bullitt County together for a singular cause.

On Sunday, Bullitt County was united.

The streets of Buckman were lined with young and old. Most carrying flags and wearing their red, white and blue.

You could hear a pin drop as the silent procession of first responder emergency vehicles went through the streets of downtown Shepherdsville.

It was a moving experience. If you were unable to attend, the pictures provided in today’s edition of The Pioneer  News or on our website later this week could not do the day justice.

We thank everyone who attended. We thank those who organized the event. 

Most importantly, we take time to remember those who lost their lives, the survivors who lost loved ones in the most horrible and deadly attack on American soil over a decade ago.

Bullitt County should stand proud that it was able to host such a moving and emotional observance.

Forget about the press, mainly bad, that the county receives. And baste in knowing that for this day, in this county, that a wonderful, moving memorial was held.

In Bullitt County, we remember what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. And we are proud that so many of our county residents came out to share in that moment on Sunday.