Bullitt Lick has ways community can help programs

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 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt Lick Middle continues its efforts to rocket its way up to the hub of area schools.

Two “crowdfunding” projects were launched to raise money toward advancing science, art and writing curriculum.

The fundraising efforts are located on RocketHub, a website dedicated to hosting various fundraising proposal ideas.

Principal Robert Fulk said the idea was to find money outside of the normal school areas to create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Maker Lab, larger art room with more tools and advanced writing and arts curricula.

Fulk admitted the two goals of $25,000 for each separate fundraiser were high, but all proceeds would benefit and enhance educational programs.

“The STEM lab would have more models to interact with and kids will want to come to class,” he said. “More art materials and programs help, the more tools we give (art instructor Amy Rucci), the more she’ll open students’ eyes.”

One of the best things about the fundraiser, according to Fulk, is raising extra school funding without placing further burden on parents.

“We’re not asking parents for money this time,” said Fulk. “We’re asking parents to share this, to get the word out. We’re looking for people who like the programs and have money, throughout the country.”

RocketHub allows the school to detail its plans for potential donors, who could make any sized distribution they please.

“If we get a thousand people and they all donate $10, we’re getting there,” Fulk said. “We hope someone large picks up on it.”

Fulk mentioned a donation to Bullitt Lick from a General Electric employee, who gave the school a 3-D printer.

“It’s all legal, you just need board approval for anything over $500,” said Fulk, who added that the Bullitt County Public School Board already showed support.

The RocketHub online crowdfunders are available to the public through June 4. 

Each project contains written information about how the funding will be implemented, along with a video featuring Fulk and many BLMS students.

To view the BLMS writing, arts and humanities project visit tinyurl.com/fundblmsw-ah.

For the STEM Maker Lab project visit tinyurl.com/fundblmsstem.

For further information, or to make a donation, contact Joy Owen, 869-5453.