Bullitt teams stay in Sixth Region

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By Mike Farner

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Cancel the moving van.

In a surprising turn of events, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s Board of Control on Wednesday voted 16-1 not to accept a recommendation from the Metro Area Athletic Directors to realign the Sixth and Seventh Regions for basketball, baseball and softball, a move that would have shifted the three Bullitt County schools from the Sixth to the Seventh Region.

The Bullitt County schools were against the realignment and spoke on Wednesday to the Board of Control before the vote. Bullitt East athletic director Bob Blackburn had been on the committee that came up with the original changes.

The only ‘yes’ vote was St. Xavier AD Alan Donhoff. Three other Jefferson County members on the Board of Control voted against the change including Southern AD David Burns who would have seen his school move with the three Bullitt County teams into the Seventh Region. In fact, Butler and Iroquois also spoke before the vote against the changes.

Still, the move seemed to come down more to timing, than the plan itself. The state is not realigning the entire state at this time so they would have set a bad precedent by making a move now. In addition, they are planning to start work on a statewide realignment a year from now with a final vote in January of 2013.

On the other hand, you have to wonder why the Board of Control let the Metro Area Athletic Directors spend so much time on this plan at this time and then shoot it down so defiantly.

The Bullitt County schools once again voiced their wish not to be grouped with the Jefferson County schools in these sports. On Friday, Bullitt Central AD Mark Rogers said that the KHSAA made a point of ‘noting’ Bullitt County’s wish to be in a region outside of Jefferson County.

The local schools have been told that the next realignment cycle will include ‘major’ changes that could move them out of the Jefferson County area completely. The Bullitt County ADs then pointed out that a switch now, and another in 2013, could mean that the three schools would have been in four different regions in a nine-year period.

The one question that was not answered at this meeting concerns volleyball. In fact, the whole realignment question came up because of volleyball as the Bullitt County schools are still in the Eighth Region for that sport while Mercy plays volleyball in the Sixth Region while being in the Seventh Region for the other sports.

It might be spring before any news comes on Bullitt County schools being moved in any type of volleyball realignment.