Business has solutions to all of your office needs

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 PIONEER VILLAGE – Teresa Luster was looking for a single location to consolidate Professional Office Solutions.

She wanted to stay in Bullitt County but she needed a place to combine her locations on Cedar Grove Road and Buffalo Run Road.

“We’d outgrown the other locations and needed more space and more parking,” said Luster, CEO of the company.

Then, a building on Old Preston Highway was located. It provided good visibility, plenty of space and a lot of parking.

With that, Professional Office Solutions recently hosted a grand opening to its new site.

The company is composed of two distinct businesses – medical billing services and IT support and sales.

The medical billing part of the business continues to grow and add employees.

However, Luster said the one thing that sets that part of the business aside from others is that only certified staff with state board approval are hired.

She said the business has been in operation over nine years and continues to have a strong base of clients.

The one area in which Luster believes there is growth potential is in the area of IT services.

From networking to computer sales, Luster said her business could handle all parts of the process.

While retail sales has not been a focus, Luster said the staff can offer advise on computer hardware and software and can even arrange the purchase.

The largest part of that business has been computer repair and networking. Setting up a residential or commercial computer network is common.

“We can do it all,” said Luster.

With 22 employees, she is looking to grow the business and the staff.

What sets apart Professional Office Solutions is customer service.

“We treat people like we’d like to be treated,” said Luster. “It is always about customer service.”

For more information on the medical billing services, call 957-4900. For more information on the computer and technical side, call 955-9797.