Business would need variance to fit its niche

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Owner wants to open sip and paint business but meets with liquor law concerns

By Mary Barczak

 MOUNT WASHINGTON - Get your brushes ready Mount Washington, The Tacky Palette might be coming to town soon.

The Palette offers sip-and-paint entertainment. They currently have a location in Elizabethtown, which has been “very successful.”

Recently, co-owner Deborah Koch addressed the Mount Washington City Couuncil about her dilemma.

“We want to open one up in Mount Washington, but we need a variance,” she said.

As the city’s ordinance stands, the NQ-4 malt liquor license requires business applicants to also serve food thus have a fill operating kitchen. 

Kentucky law does not have that same stipulation.

“Painting and having fun is the focus of our business,” Koch said.

She said they offer small snacks to their customers, but nothing that would require a kitchen.

Council member Brent Wheeler expressed a concern that if they made the allowance what was to stop someone from opening a bar and only serving alcohol minus food.

Mayor Joetta Calhoun asked code enforcement officer Melvin Davis for his advice in the matter. 

He suggested the city attorney, Matthew Lemme, work with the business to fit their request into the existing ordinance.

Lemme said the council might have to redefine what “food service” constitutes as it is written in the ordinance but said he would work with the business.