Byerly selected state volunteer of year for retired teachers

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  Those who enter a career in teaching certainly do not do so for the money. 


For most, it’s an answer to a humanitarian calling to serve and lead, a calling that persists well into retirement. 

Bullitt County has a retired teacher who exemplifies that notion.  Teresa Byerly, a member of the Bullitt County Retired Teachers Association, recently won the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association Volunteer of the Year Award for her tireless efforts in prevention and promotion of awareness of domestic violence. 

The award was presented at the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association annual convention in April in Louisville.  

Byerly’s volunteer work is not only driven by her benevolent calling. 

She experienced a personal tragedy in 2010 when her sister was severely beaten then fatally shot by her husband. 

“I felt that nobody knew how I felt because I didn’t know anybody who had had a murder in their family.”

She decided the best way to deal with the grief was to get involved and do her best to prevent other families from having to go through what she and her family experienced. 

Her involvement in the past year has meant devoting 496 hours to counseling family members of domestic violence victims, participating in fundraising events, lobbying state legislators to provide Bullitt County with a shelter for domestic violence victims, and even confronting abusers “face-to-face in a parking lot.” 

Byerly says, “My work is on an almost daily basis.”

Upon accepting her award, Teresa simply and eloquently quoted a line from a poem posted on the Kentucky Victims of Homicide Memorial facebook page, “We are the rememberers, the people left behind.”

Her sister’s name is engraved on the wall of the memorial which resides at Resthaven Memorial Park in Louisville. 

The Bullitt County Teachers Association asks the residents of Bullitt County to join them in thanking Teresa Byerly for her work and dedication and congratulating her as the KRTA Volunteer of the Year Award recipient. Retired teachers do make a difference.