Can’t someone tell us straight about health care reform

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Our Views

 We can understand all the political bantering about the health care reform act and the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

And we understand that despite the court’s decision that some politicians are calling for the justices to make a policy decision and not a legal decision.

And we understand that as the general election date in November nears, the political rhetoric will only increase.

But what we don’t understand is this - is the so-called Obamacare good for the country or is it bad?

And could some non-partisan person who is not out to make a name for himself or herself tell us the truth?

Our guess is that there are good points and bad points in the health care package. We can safely say that this is true with most legislation that is passed.

What we are not smart enough to do is to figure out the truth about the bill.

But what we are smart enough to know is that our elected officials, party leaders and consultants wanting to hear themselves on national television or radio  are not willing to tell us the truth.

We need a totally non-partisan figure or agency to tell us the truth. And we can move forward with the next crisis, such as world peace.

We wonder why interest in government has waned over the years. We wonder why less people are interested in running for public office. We wonder why less people show up at the polls, even during a presidential race.

The American people are looking for the truth. And contrary to Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men, we can handle the truth and we want to handle that truth.

We’re just searching for someone or something to provide the absolute, unbiased truth.