Case against former school employee sent to grand jury

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By Thomas Barr

 MOUNT WASHINGTON – A former employee at Bullitt East High School has agreed to have his case waived to the Bullitt County Grand Jury for possible indictment.

Chester L. Faith, 50, was charged in March with sexual abuse.

The allegations were that Faith, who was a computer technician in the school library, was caught with a 16-year-old female around 1 a.m. on a secluded street in the Cherry Hill Subdivision.

The report filed by the Mount Washington Police Department stated that Faith was in the back seat with the female Bullitt East student at the time of the incident on March 15.

Faith was terminated by the school system later that day.

Besides law enforcement, the Bullitt County Public School system conducted its own investigation.

Faith was charged with first-degree sexual abuse and taken to the Bullitt County Detention Center, where he posted a $10,000 property bond and was released.

On Monday, Faith was scheduled to appear for a probable cause hearing.

However, Faith was not present, he was represented by his attorney, Lorie Rakes.

Rakes informed Bullitt District Judge Rebecca Ward that the case would be waived.

However, Ward said that on a felony charge, the defendant must be present.

After a meeting at the bench with assistant county attorney Susan Streble and Rakes, Ward said since there had been an agreement prior to the hearing between the two parties to waive Faith’s appearance, she would honor that arrangement.

The matter will now be sent to the grand jury for further consideration.