Cat's letter to Santa

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 I want just a few things this Christmas. I have been good this year. I have not clawed up the furniture, walls and I have kept my hairballs to just a few.

I know I am a spoiled kitty and do not need much, but there is a few things that would be nice. Do not worry about bringing me a bed. I let my Mommy share a little bit of her pillow. Do not need a blanket. Mommy keeps me warm. I do not need special food or treats. Mom keeps all of that in stock.

I need you to talk to Mommy and have her put the tree up early. I need something to climb on until you can bring me a big cat-scratching pole. Will a scratching pole fit in your sleigh? I hope so. Mine has had it. Please tell her to put breakable ornaments on the tree instead of bows. I like smacking those. The crash noise when they hit the floor just over joys me.

I just need some play mice, enough to last me a year. I seem to lose them quickly. The mice hide under everything. I would like to have some Nerf balls. I can get my claw into those and toss them around the room.

Please put toilet paper on the roll in the bathroom. I want to decorate Mommy’s bathroom and she hides the toilet paper under the sink. Can you get Mommy to use the paper towel holder? I would like to get a towel every now and then.

I would like to have some medium to large size boxes under the tree. If you have any nice size paper bags that would be nice to find under the tree Christmas morning.

Can you tell those birds outside my living room window to come on in? I will not hurt them. Well, may be just a little rough play.

The last thing I would like is catnip. Can you bring some rolling papers with them? Please make sure it is good catnip. I need to relax while Mommy is at work.

Oh, I almost forgot. Please let Grandma stay at home for Christmas. She hides all the toys at night.

Mommy will not let me leave you any cookies or milk, but I promise to leave you a few of my cat treats. I hope that will be okay?

Merry Christmas Santa,

The Feline King “Michael”