Cedar Grove Road dangers

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 How many people are fed up with the construction nightmare on Cedar Grove Road? I have lived here for 20 plus years and have never experienced such traffic nightmares as with this new road widening.

I am for progress but residents were told there would not be warehouses past the school, guess what there are? School is getting ready to start and I am concerned about the safety of our children and bus drivers getting to and from school. We need the extra lane for Cedar Grove parents taking and picking up their children, but I think this project should have been a priority with a deadline to have it done before the start of school.

Tuesday, August 2, it took 20 minutes to get from I-65 to Cedar Grove School, coming from the school is even worse. They are also doing construction on the Salt River Bridge. Back ups no matter where you go. I am for economic growth but next time let’s look at the safety of our residents, children and bus drivers and have set time to get these projects done.

I hope this widening wraps up soon so we don’t have to worry about the safety of our children. Let’s get this wrapped up and safe for everyone.

Remember school starts Aug. 9 and I want all the children to not have to worry about a safe drive to school.

Dawn Hoskins