CGES has wish list from the teachers

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By Stephen Thomas

CEDAR GROVE - A standing tradition during the holiday season at Cedar Grove Elementary is the annual Christmas wish tree.


Each year the school's certified staff members decorate a tree in the school lobby. The ornaments contain wishes from each member.

Students and their families are invited to offer wish gifts of their own choosing. They can supply a wish gift for any teacher, not just homeroom instructors.

Assistant principal Lesley McConn said the wish tree idea began many years ago as a way to feature practical Christmas gift ideas for teachers from students and families.

"It's a good way for parents that want to get something but they don't know what to buy," McConn said.

Wishes on the tree ran from larger items such as CD players to simple necessities like paper clips.

"Last year a teacher wished for a vacuum cleaner and she got it," McConn said.

Among this year's wishes were pencils, crayons, construction paper, plastic storage bags, tissues and index cards.

Other featured wishes included children's music, Native American music, board games a coffeepot and a broom and dustpan.