Changers give valuable aid to local residents

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Our Views

By The Staff

    The work done last week by the Kentucky Changers should be commended.

    Volunteers from across the state came into the county to assist in making needed repairs on homes in which the owner couldn’t make those improvements.

    Throughout this country, volunteers put in endless hours to help others. Often, those works go unnoticed.

    We appreciate the work done by the Kentucky Changers and the organizational efforts performed by Bullitt County native Joe Ball.

    We were a bit disappointed that the county didn’t receive another $20,000 through the Kentucky  Housing Corporation. The county’s recent audit reports were a concern to the housing corporation and rejected the grant request, which would have allowed the Kentucky Changers to  focus more on repairs and less on worrying about funding and donations.

    This is yet another point where the squabbles in the courthouse has caused the county to lose out.

    We won’t point fingers at any particular person or office. That is not what solves problems.

    What we will do is to plead with all the parties involved in any part of county government to stand up and take responsibility.

    We have preached about leadership and that was a focal point on some of the primary interviews with candidates. Leadership will continue to be one of the main points this newspaper will strive to push for in the future.

    There is nothing which can be done about past issues. When it comes to audits, something one auditor likes is disliked by another. It’s the nature of the beast.

    While we take a moment to congratulate the volunteers who take part in the Kentucky Changers, we implore our elected officials to look inside to see how they can improve the community in which they serve.

    That would start with making sure the county doesn’t lose grant opportunities because of a bad audit. See what was wrong and make sure it is fixed for the future.