City’s delay rational in major case

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 City of Shepherdsville officials made a rational move Thursday evening to table any decision on an annexation request for over 180 acres off Preston Highway at Highway 245.

Bullitt Fiscal Court might have made a decision on a zoning request for the property just  hours ago. At the same time, the applicants may have requested to withdraw the request and start the process over once again.

The request to rezone from Agricultural to IL Light Industrial has been a twisted one from the beginning. From an adjoining property owner not getting legal notice for the planning hearing to a late request for the city to annex the property, it has been a wild two-month ride.

While Shepherdsville officials delayed any action until the county does something, residents should not feel any relief.

Shepherdsville ran a $7 million sewer line to the area with the intent to  land customers - big customers who will add 1,000-plus jobs to the economy.

The only thing for sure, we have not heard the last of this case - no matter what decision was made last evening by members of Bullitt Fiscal Court.