City better learn to communicate before it’s too late

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 It makes for great reading and even better video. But the Monday night encounter at the Shepherdsville City Government Center was not something to be proud of by anyone involved.

The crux of the problem - besides the $4 million which was spent - is now communication.

Current officials should understand that. The lack of communication and seeking out answers during the past four years is why we are looking for every loose nickel.

However, with new mayor Scott Ellis settling into the mayor’s seat, the learning curve is starting to straighten out.

Government may be run like a business but the chief executive officer can make all decisions in a vacuum.

In Shepherdsville’s case, there is a very apparent divide between the mayor and the council. It appears that the lack of communication between the parties is a major source of the dispute.

The money issues won’t be as easy to solve. But there is no reason why the city officials can agree to get along and share information.

Many more performances like Monday and the election slates will be full next spring.