City may look to deannex quarry, along Highway 1020 jury panel

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By The Staff

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - A tract of property that was the target of pair of lengthy pieces of litigation may be leaving the corporate limits of Shepherdsville.

    The Rogers Group has requested that the city of Shepherdsville deannex the 128 acres taken into the boundaries in 1999.

    The property was under a different owner at the time of the annexation request in an effort to get a favorable rezoning for expansion plans at the quarry.

    To reach the quarry near the Bullitt/Jefferson County line, the city also annexed a stretch of land along Highway 1020.

    On Monday, the council listened to a pair of ordinances to deannex the tracts of property. A vote could come as early as the Feb. 22 meeting.

    However, city attorney Bill Wilson wasn’t sure the deannexation was a sure thing.

    First, he said the council must get figures on how taking the business out of the city would affect the tax revenue.

    Second, he didn’t know if the council would want to adopt one, both or neither of the ordinances.

    Third, if the city council decides to deannex the land along Highway 1020, it must decide where that ends at the southern-most point.

    Due to the fact that a voter lives on the larger tract owned by Rogers Group, the deannexation issue must be placed on the ballot. Wilson said it was too late for the primary election and felt it would go on the fall general ballot.

    Keith Brown, an attorney with the Pike Legal Group and representing the Rogers Group, told the council that the company has substantial property already in the city of Hillview and it would be best to consolidate all its land.

    The quarry has an operation off Bells Mill Road, which was annexed and then rezoned by Hillview, and it acquired the quarry off Highway 1020 several years ago.

    Much of the land around the north-end quarry lies in the city limits of Hillview.

    The 1999 annexation was followed by a lawsuit. When the city then rezoned the property to allow for above ground and underground mining of earth products, another lawsuit ensured.

    The annexation may have been one of the reasons another lengthy lawsuit was filed by the various fire districts. The annexation basically required Zoneton firefighters to cross the Shepherdsville city boundaries to reach their firehouse off Highway 1020.

    The city later resolved the 1999 lawsuit with Zoneton and Mount Washington fire taxing districts. The suit involving Southeast Bullitt and Nichols fire districts remains pending in the court system.