Civil service changes must be researched

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By The Staff

The only surprise in discussions to study the Shepherdsville civil service ordinance is that it has taken this long.

There are no guarantees that any changes will be made. And the discussion will be good.

When it was approved several years ago, there was no public outcry. And several stories were written about it.

There was really no outcry until election time arose.

The city’s version protects every employee from discipline or dismissal. If done, the employee can ask for a hearing before the civil service board.

The ordinance is not new. However, most protect the hourly workers and not the department supervisors. The city’s covers everyone.

In Shepherdsville, the system has allowed one fired employee to return to work. The other employee did not.

It should be an interesting discussion on whether changes are needed. And councilmembers must invest a little time to study the situation.