Civil service setup must be altered in 2011

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Our Views

     Nothing we say today is any different than it was three years ago.

    Any civil service proceeding which is conducted without the commissioners having access to legal advice is a disaster.
    The Shepherdsville City Civil Commission process is flawed. There is no fault to place at the feet of the three commissioners.
    The system is asking three members of the community to do battle with two opposing attorneys.
    Whether they realize it or not, their actions and their decision could come back for review at the circuit court level.
    We have constantly watched commissioners try to rule on motions and objections from attorneys who are skilled at their trade. Commissioners are our peers in the community; they are not attorneys.
    We know that having an attorney provide advice to the commissioners will add cost to the process. Maybe that would play a small part when supervisors are making decisions on disciplinary actions.
    But the process would be much smoother and much more fair.
    We do not really understand why any of the three commissioners who serve at any given time would want that position.
    It is tough. Attorneys representing the city and the employee are trying to be nice but they have a job to do. And, they, too, get frustrated with the quasi-judicial situation.
    If the civil service system is to remain in place, it would be wise to do all parties - and the commissioners --a great service, hire an attorney to provide legal advice to the board.
    Otherwise, the current situation only leads to frustration.