Comments on land-use plan being sought until Jan. 31

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - The county has been working on revising its comprehensive land-use plan for the better part of the past decade.

So, with questions and concerns being raised, there’s no sense getting into a hurry.

That was the consensus of the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission.

Although several individuals were in the audience, Bullitt County planning chairman Daryl Lee said the December meeting would not be opened up for public comment.

Instead, the planners talked with consultant Kriss Lowry about some concerns and some plans for the future of the proposal.

Lee said his main concern was labeling property along Interstate 65 in Shepherdsville as conservative/environmentally sensitive.

He said some of the area denoted on the map already had residential development.

Understanding the need for protecting residents from the sound issues, Lee said he didn’t foresee sound barriers like those constructed in Jefferson County.

Lowry cautioned all the planning commission members that the colored land-use map changed no zoning designations.

It only provides a guide to the planners when they make their recommendations.

If a map amendment calls for something other than the proposed use, Lowry said it just alerts commissioners of possible issues.

The rest of the meeting dealt with how to move forward to make sure the public has its right to speak.

Lowry pointed out that this would be the ninth meeting and the public has been allowed to speak at the monthly recaps.

Lee said he understood that some did attend but now the end of the process nears. It is the land-use map which provides the most concern for landowners.

Board member Thomas Givhan said he felt strongly that people should be able to give full presentations to the commission.

While believing that Lowry’s plan answers a lot of questions, Givhan felt there are more to ask.

Lee felt like putting the entire process on hold for 90 days might be a possible solution.

Others didn’t want to wait that long.

After much discussion, it was decided that all written comments on the comprehensive land-use plan should be submitted to planning administrator Roanne Hammond by Jan. 31.

A special meeting will be held on Feb. 20 for the public to make any comments.

Once the formal land-use plan is ready for presentation, there would be another public hearing.

The special meeting on Feb. 20 will begin at 7 p.m. at the courthouse annex.