Commercial rezoning bid on Hwy. 44 shot down again

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By Thomas Barr

SHEPHERDSVILLE – If Dollar General wants to open a new store along Highway 44 East, it will have to hope that the third time is the charm.

     For a second time in the past year, a location targeted for a new 9,100 square foot store has been nixed.

     Bullitt Fiscal Court voted 5-0 to overturn a favorable recommendation by the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission to rezone 2.8 acres on Highway 44 East next to the Salt River Electric facility.

     The request was to rezone the R-1 Residential property to B-1 Highway Business.

     In the favorable recommendation by the planning commission, several conditions were placed on the property. For example, a six-foot wooden privacy fence would be constructed to block the view from nearby residents and a turn lane on Highway 44 would be installed.

     In making the motion to overturn that recommendation, magistrate Ruthie Ashbaugh said that a number of nearby residents were opposed to the rezoning.

     Also, she feared that the state Department of Transportation would not give approval for the turn lane.

     Finally, she was concerned that the sale of alcohol could occur at the store in the future.

     With a reminder from county attorney Monica Robinson, Ashbaugh also said that the rezoning request did not meet the comprehensive land-use plan and that the community was residential in nature.

     Magistrate John Bradshaw said that he was concerned that the turn lane had not been approved by the state prior to the vote.

     The court members talked some about tabling the decision; however, a decision must be made within 60 days of the planning commission’s recommendation. If not, the decision of the planning board would become law.

     Last year, developer Susan Cox looked at rezoning property next to Cherry Hill Subdivision for a Dollar General store. That application would later be withdrawn when it went to the Mount Washington City Council.

     To rezone the Jenkins property, there is a one-year moratorium unless the applicants ask for another type of zoning.