Committee to study liquor sales in Hillview

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By The Staff

HILLVIEW - A committee has been formed to study whether alcohol sales on Sunday are a good thing or a bad thing.

Hillview mayor Jim Eadens said that councilmember Kim Whitlock would chair the group studying the request made recently by Thomas Philpot of Papa Borromeo’s Pizza.

During the September meeting, Philpot said it wouldn’t only help his business but others in the area.

Plus, there were several national chain restaurants looking at a 20,000 square foot space in the Brooks Plaza located on Brooks Hill Road at Interstate 65.

However, he said they weren’t interested when told there would be no Sunday liquor sales.

“They want that option,” said Philpot.

On any given Sunday, he said a lot of dollars leave Bullitt County due to the lack of quality restaurants and liquor sales.

He estimated 75 percent of his sales are from food.

A representative of Tumbleweed was also present at the meeting.

Eadens said the council is looking at ordinances from other communities.

Whitlock said work is being done.

“We don’t want to be hasty about it,” said Whitlock.

Councilman Randall Hill, who joins Greg Burton and Whitlock on the committee, said it might take several months to study the issue.

He wants to make sure the right percentage of food sales is required, if an ordinance is proposed.

Though not a proponent of drinking alcohol, councilman Harry Cooper said more restaurants would be here with the ability to sell liquor on Sunday.

The mayor said the council members would have to decide if they want to include restaurants and package liquor sales.

His main thought was that bars did not need to be serving liquor on Sunday unless they are selling the right amount of food.

City attorney Mark Edison said the council would impose higher food sales standards than the state, which is 70 percent. It could also set hours of operation on Sunday.

No city in the county allows the Sunday sales. The question has been posed to elected officials in Shepherdsville and Mount Washington the past few years.

Currently, the city does not allow Sunday sales; however, sales can continue through 4 a.m. the other six days.

Councilmember JoAnn Wick inquired the number of runs made to Hillview Lounge between the hours of 2-4 a.m.

Police officer Ken Straughn said there is an officer in the parking lot during that time, which has eliminated many of the calls.

The officer really wants the patrons to leave the parking lot unless they are not able. Straughn said it isn’t a situation to catch drunk drivers.

The next meeting of the Hillview City Council will be on Monday, Oct. 19, at 7:30 p.m. at city hall. The public is invited.