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 On Saturday, Sept. 8, a community of people gathered in Mount Washington to help a young lady many of them had never met.

This community was not defined by geographic boundaries, by race or gender, by religion or politics. Instead, this wonderfully diverse group had assembled in body and in spirit to support our family and to help raise funds for our daughter’s second double lung transplant and the chance to continue living her life to the fullest. Their efforts were, and continue to be, awe-inspiring - a Herculean set of tasks that were completed with grace and love, compassion, concern and caring.

Our family is honored and humbled by every individual, by every organization, by every company, by every civic group, by every government entity that pitched in to help our daughter in her time of need. You inspire us - but more importantly, you continue to inspire Christena and give her even more reason to continue the fight toward transplant and to a much better life after surgery.

My family wishes to thank everyone who was involved in these and other efforts that have allowed Christena and her husband, Kevin, to relocate to St. Louis while she awaits the call to transplant.

There are no words, no eloquence with which we can properly thank each of you for your prayers, time, commitment, efforts, and yes, donations. The list is too long and we fear leaving anyone out if we attempt to single out those who were involved in any way. Please know that we feel your support, appreciate beyond all words your efforts, and we are thankful each and every day for the wonderful community of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and total strangers who have so positively touched our lives.

Seven years ago, the family of a young girl in a small Arkansas town, honored her wishes and donated her organs when her time on this Earth was done. Thanks to the generosity of Amber’s family, seven people were able to experience longer and more fulfilling lives. One of these recipients is our daughter, Christena Gabehart Jones. Today, her lungs are again failing and we place our hope in God, in her medical team and in the family of a loved one who has not yet completed their life. For we know that in order for our daughter to live, someone else must pass from this world and complete God’s plan. We pray now and in the future for that family’s comfort in their time of sorrow and grief.

During the fundraising benefit for Christena, several people learned about organ donation and signed up to become donors. We would fervently encourage everyone to consider becoming an organ donor. Your gift of life will not help our daughter at this time, but will someday give hope to another person and family when they face the same fear and uncertainty in their time of need. Please consider living life, then giving life - what a precious gift that will be.

Thank you one and all for everything you have done for our daughter and our family. Thank you for every prayer you have offered, and for your friendship and support. Thank you for being an important part of our lives...and thank you for helping our daughter have the...hope that she will again be able to live her life to the fullest.

George and Debra Gabehart