Conley interim principal at Bullitt Lick

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - When students and staff return to Bullitt Lick Middle School on Monday, a new person will be leading the facility.

Scott Hrebicik tendered his resignation over the Christmas holiday and will return to a classroom teaching position at Bernheim Middle, according to superintendent Keith Davis.

He declined to offer any details on Hrebicik's decision. After serving as assistant principal, Hrebicik was promoted when Harley Wise left four years ago to open the new Zoneton Middle School.

Johnda Conley, who has served as assistant principal for nearly a decade at Bernheim Middle and previously at Hebron Middle, will become the interim principal at Bullitt Lick, according to Davis.

The job must be posted and the school's site-based council will fill the vacancy. Davis didn't know if that would happen before the end of the school year.

In a Dec. 30 letter to the Bullitt Lick staff, Davis said that Conley has experience as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and central office administrator.

He said that he was impressed with the improvements made the past few years at Bernheim and felt she could bring some of those strategies to Bullitt Lick.

She will be introduced to the staff at a voluntary faculty meeting on Monday at 7:15 a.m.

Bullitt Lick recently underwent a scholastic review from a state team made up of various individuals. The team talked with members of the staff, as well as students and individuals in the community.

The results, obtained through an open records request, were similar to some of the comments made when the district underwent a state audit three years ago.

Many of the recommendations centered around have a focused effort to attack deficiencies in the curriculum and the school culture. The report supported having a total team effort of all stakeholders in making decisions that would improve the school in its quest to reach proficiency.

In his letter to the staff, Davis certain things that must be done, many of the items mentioned in the state audit.

For example:

*The district pacing guide for curriculum must be used by all teachers

*Proficient work by students must be displayed in the hallways and classrooms

*Professional Learning Community meetings will be held every Tuesday during planning periods

*Regular communication must be made with parents through a variety of opportunities

He stated that many of the listed activities were already occurring at Bullitt Lick but he wanted to make sure everyone had clear direction.

Conley started her duties at Bullitt Lick on Tuesday.

"This is a great opportunity," said Conley. "I am excited and looking forward to the challenge."

According to a release from the Bullitt County Public Schools, Conley said she is looking to bring an established instructional focus to the school and is counting on cooperation from the staff.

"We all need to work together," said Conley, who is married with three children, including a son who is serving in Iraq with the 25th Infantry Division. "Expect some changes. We only have five years to reach the state goal."

She will also miss her colleagues at Bernheim Middle.

"These are people I have worked with for nine years and there are a lot of close friendships."